Established in 1999, Universal Service Exchange, Inc. is now one of the largest remitters of money to the Armenia. Universal Service Exchange owns and operates 6 offices in the California where it offers fast, reliable service.

Together with its paying agents and its relationships in the Armenia banking sector, Universal Service Exchange Inc. can deliver remittances with a level of service above the competition.

Accordingly, Universal Exchange Services Inc.'s customers have come to rely on the company when remitting money to the Armenia.
About Us:
Our Mission
USE is an agent of Golden Money Transfer, Inc, a licensed money transmitter in California. As such all transmission funds received by USE is on behalf of Golden Money Transfer, Inc.

Want to send money worldwide?
USE Money Transfer is the safe, fast
and convenient way to transfer
money. Your money is available to
be picked up in 42 countries. Prices
are economical, Transfers are safe,
and funds are usually available
within minutes.

Home delivery available in Armenia.
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Universal Service Exchange Inc.